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Meaco 60L Rota Moulded Building Dryer Τιμή / Price: €1100

Setting a new benchmark in Rota-Moulded design with easy to use rotary controls.

  • Suitable for drying out a space after a flood

  • For use in industrial drying applications

  • For rental in commercial hire fleets

  • Unique Meaco Rota-Moulded Rotary Controls

Our new Rota-Moulded Building Dryer for a tougher dehumidifier that will keep it's good looks for longer!

  • Unique Rota-Moulded design with simple rotary controls

  • 60 litres per day at 30°C and 80%rh - 35 litres per day at 26.7°C and 60%rh

  • Stackable to save on storage space

  • Only 705mm high

  • Two year warranty

Why the Meaco 60L is different to other Rota-Moulded Dehumidifiers

  • Rota-moulding provides extra durability for the dehumidifier

  • Preserves the look of the dehumidifier for longer

  • Reinforced axial for extra strength

  • Unique rotary control controls, very simple to use

  • Metal hose connector

  • Fold down handles

  • Non-resettable hour counter

  • Ductable - 5 metre maximum run

  • Automatic defrost system

  • Meaco Control Logic built in

  • Stackable two high

  • Built in pump with 3 metre lift